A-Z Guide To Host Your Business Website Online in 1 Day

Having a website for your business opens you to several opportunities like establishing brand awareness, communicating with target audience, generating and converting leads and enhancing customer experience. While it may seem impossible, this blog gives you the step by step procedure to set up your own website in one day. Let’s find out how.

1.    Design and Build your Website

The first step towards building your own website is selecting a suitable Web Design. The only one thing to remember here is to keep it simple. Remember that you only have a few seconds to leave an impact on the minds of your viewers and coax them to re-visit your website or recommend it to others. Therefore, keep the below mentioned tips in mind to nail your web design:

  • Keep the background white
  • Choose not more than two plain fonts
  • Do not overdo the use of graphics, audios or videos. Use them only where necessary
  • Keep an opt-in option ready for people to leave their email addresses
  • Make the buying process smooth, do not let the buyer take more than a couple of clicks to reach the checkout page
  • Make sure that your website is customer friendly

2.    Hosting Options

There are several website hosting options, like Bluehost, HostGator and Wix, available to choose from on the internet. However for novices and first time users, we recommend the use of Wix for web hosting. Wix gives you the freedom to let your website look the way you want it to on laptop as well as mobile phone. It offers several templates to choose from and lets you create your own website with immense ease using its feature Wix ADI

. Wix provides you with an entire package that includes but is not limited to website builder, web hosting, advanced security and effective SEO for your website. What’s more? They have a free trial version where you could experiment before starting.  However, if you are looking to create a WordPress website, you could host it easily on WordPress. We recommend the use of WordPress for hosting a WordPress website because it is especially optimized with functions like enhanced speed and reduced loading time. It is also well-equipped with features like auto backup, regular updation and security.

Boost-Your-Page-Speed3.    Write What Sells

Do not overload your audience with information that they might not be interested in. Provide relevant information in the crispest manner, such that the viewers of your page are compelled to make a purchase. Given below is a proven sales formula that works wonders on visitors starting the moment they visit your page.

  • Use an impactful headline to garner attention
  • Discuss the problem that your product is capable of solving
  • Gain the trust of your viewers as a solver of the problem
  • Add reviews and testimonials of existing customers
  • Make an offer they cannot refuse
  • Guarantee good results
  • Create an urgency
  • Pitch for Sale

In a nutshell, help the viewer understand why the product is a perfect fit for him. Once the need recognition is taken care of, half your job is done. Market the unique selling points of your product and see how well it sells.

4.    Choose to Work with a Hosting Provider with a Long Trial Period

Web Hosting providers typically provide about a month, however, some offer a longer trial period. Such companies are often confident of the quality of service they are capable of offering, which is why they do not mind offering their customers a longer trial period. Do not be surprised if you come across a few hosts who offer to process the full refund in case you are dissatisfied with their services. Websites like iPage and BlueHost have a money back guarantee. In such cases, if you make an advance payment for an entire year of service but realize that you are unhappy with the services say 3 months down the line, you can cancel your association with the company for the remaining period or even ask for full refund. Therefore, you can be more confident while choosing to do business with such companies that have full faith in their services.

5.    Register Primary Domain with Another Party

Several hosting companies permit you to register your domain for free as a part of their hosting package. However, we recommend that you spend a few dollars on registering your primary domain with a different party. You could choose to use the free domain for your secondary websites. This is because there are chances of the domain getting tied with the hosting company, which would make all your efforts of attracting traffic to your website go waste in case you ever plan to switch. However, in case you register your domain with a separate party, it becomes a lot easier to move to a different hosting party later. Even if you have registered the domain with the hosting company already, you can still get it transferred to a third party. For instance, GoDaddy has clear instructions on how one can transfer the domain name to their party.

6.    Do Not Use Blacklisted IPs

This sounds like an obvious tip but you would be surprised to know how many novices fall prey to the temptation of using Blacklisted IPs. You must refrain from using such hosting companies because of their bad reputation among users and more importantly to prevent your mails from being blocked by other providers because of your IP. Yes, that’s right. Using a blacklisted IP could result in your emails being blacklisted too. Therefore, make sure you ask for the IP address of the web host before signing up. You must also become doubly sure by quickly running through the Spam Haus Lookup Tool before deciding on a hosting website.

This should be pretty much all the information that you will ever need to launch your own website within a day. So get going and watch your business flourish before you.

Swaraj Das Mohanty

Swaraj is a Content Marketer at PagePotato. Being a graduate in Journalism from Bangalore University and an ex-Radio Jockey, he helps brand put their best content on front. Beyond work, he is a bookworm who knows to cook & drive in search of lip-smacking street food. Follow him on Instagram at BoredBelly.