Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Marketers

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Marketers

The Internet is what connects the whole world today. It bridges several hundred miles between people living in different parts of the world. In an era of burgeoning technology, email marketing has become the most powerful tool for business growth. This blog will tell you all about it.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is nothing but a form of direct marketing that communicates commercials or any other messages to the audience using electronic mails. Simply put, every email that reaches a potential or existing customer is a part of email marketing. Email marketing is used for:

  1. Enhancing relationship of businessmen with their existing customer base to ensure brand loyalty and thus garner repeat business
  2. Acquiring new customers by spreading brand awareness and making customers aware of products and services that the business offers
  3. Sending advertisements to customers, educating them about new schemes or promotional offers

Key advantages of email marketing over other more traditional methods of marketing are:

  1. Email marketing enhances the reach of advertisements or information passed on to customers. This is because the number of subscribers that opt for receiving emails on subjects of interest to them is substantially large.
  2. More than 50% of Internet users check mail every day and also respond to them.
  3. Emails enable marketers to connect with the audience in an appropriate manner using relevant and dynamic messages and infographics.
  4. Transactional emails are provisioned to respond to customers automatically in case of events such as online purchases or payment failure.


Statistics-of-a-Perfect-EmailSource: Loginradius.com


Why is email marketing important for Startups?

While there are numerous reasons as to why entrepreneurs and startup owners must take to email marketing, given below is an exhaustive highlighting the same.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

There is no doubt about the fact that email marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing. Whether you advertise by sending emails to customers yourself or hire a marketing agency for the purpose, email marketing will prove to be cost-effective in comparison with all other forms of advertising. The Return On Investment is way higher in case of email marketing as costs involved are extremely less. Email marketing is known as the second most effective form of online marketing, after search marketing.


  1. Greater success Rate

Emails help you target specific customers that could be ideal prospects for your business. Keeping this in mind, apart from being extremely cost-effective, email marketing also promises the maximum http://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/returnoninvestment.aspROI if done appropriately.


  1. Greater measurability

You can easily track the responses that you receive to all your emails using several types of analytical tools readily available today. This also helps you understand which part of your marketing strategy is working the most in your favour. Once you understand what is clicking on the target audience, you can instantly modify the campaign strategy such that it incorporates the likes and preferences of the target segment.



  1. Less time consumption

Email marketing permits you to send advertisements or any product related information to several hundred potential users with the click of a button. This method is, therefore, less cumbersome as compared to traditional methods of marketing such as printing brochures or posting flyers.


  1. Effective lead generation

Since you can reach hundreds of prospects through emails, the chances that your marketing strategy will result in lead generation are also more. Email marketing effectively promotes the conversion of a potential buyer into a customer.


  1. Getting feedback

Email marketing is also considered as one of the most economical ways to garner feedback about your existing line of products and services so that you can understand what changes are required in new offerings. Sending survey to existing customers often solves the purpose.



How to do email marketing?

We know for a fact now that email marketing has the potential to do wonders to our business strategy. Let us now look at how to go about it. Dave Chaffey from Marketing Insights explains the success factors of marketing through email with the help of the mnemonic “CRITICAL”:

  1. Creative

Creativity essentially refers to the overall design of the email. While some customers would prefer text in their emails, others would be keener to look at infographics. It is your responsibility to draft the mail in accordance with the preferences of your target audience.

  1. Relevance

The email should give its receivers a personalized feel. Thus, try to customize your email as much as possible. Make sure it is relevant to the receiver.

  1. Incentive

Since customers receive endless emails each day, you must provide them with a reason to not neglect your mail. What is in your email for your customers? Equip your proposal with offers and discounts or any other offerings that the customer is likely to be interested in.

  1. Timing

While it is good to be regular with emails, it is even better to not spam customers with more emails than required. Also, make sure that the timing of receipt of mail is appropriate. Don’t drop emails in the wee hours of the night. Keep it professional and send emails during working hours.




  1. Integration

Integrated marketing is often the key to success. It is advised that more than a single form of marketing be adopted for enhanced reach and better prospect building. Your emails must be in sync with the overall strategy of your business and must carry the same message forward.

  1. Copy

When working on copyrighting your mail, make sure you pay due attention to all facets of the mail, right from the subject line to your signatures. Also, do not keep all the links to be uploaded towards the end of the body of the email. Pop some of the useful links in the beginning for impulse buyers.

  1. Attributes

Attributes of the email such as format chosen, subject headline etc. go a long way in determining whether or not a customer will pay heed to your mail. Thus, be extra careful with these minute details.

  1. Landing Page

If you aim to generate quality leads through emails, it is important that you provide the recipients of the mail with links where they could contact you or probably directly purchase the product. Do not simply hyperlink your company’s page to the mail. Add the link that lands the customer straight to the page where he could make the purchase.


Email marketing, therefore, could be a vital component to your business growth, especially if you are aiming at establishing customer-firm relationships. Learn to use it to your advantage. Make sure that your mail does not end up in the Spam folder of one’s mailbox, and if it does reach people’s inbox, make it worth a read.


Best Tools for Email Marketing

Given below is a list of 5 tools best suited for email marketing-

  1. Mailchimp:

Mailmchimp is the most popular email marketing tool with an existing user base of over 7mn. It is instrumental in letting you understand the past performance of keywords and phrases you intend to add to your subject lines.


Source: Mailchimp.com


  1. Putsmail:

Litmust Putsmail lets you get a preview of what your marketing campaigns will look like in the customers’ inbox.




  1. Reach Mail:

This tool helps you compare the performance of upto 5 different email campaigns, thus letting you choose the best for branding and other purposes.


 Source: https://buildfire.com/

  1. FlashIssue

This tool is extensively used for emailing newsletters. It is a deadly combination of content curation and email marketing.


Source: http://www.flashissue.com


  1. Constant Contact:

You could choose from a wide variety of templates or create your own custom design here. Insert features like documents, images or videos to create an impact.


Source: https://www.g2crowd.com/

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