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5 WordPress Security Best Practices To Watch Out For In 2019

Anushree Sen

Anushree is an active blogger on security topics at PagePotato. She has over 6 years of experience in information security management and risk-based advisory services, working with organizations like PwC, Deloitte & Adobe. She is a CISA certified professional, with a management degree in Software and Systems from Symbiosis International University. Beyond work, Anushree can be seen practicing various dance forms and dreams of being an established choreographer too.
Anushree Sen

WordPress being the most popular web publishing platform with 59% market share, their websites are constantly under attack. Yet sadly, they lack notoriously when it comes to security. More than fifty thousand WordPress websites are getting hacked everyday. As a website owner, be a blogger or a developer, it is your prime concern to secure your WordPress website. You may contemplate as to why should a hacker would be interested in your website. Well, not all hackers are interested in your data or the site content. Let us find out what’s in it for them, how the websites are […]


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