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How To Create A Video That Sells Your Idea?

How To Create A Video That Sells Your Idea?

Shantanu Biswas

Co-founder & Growth Hacker at PagePotato.com
Being an entrepreneur by passion, Shantanu has co-founded PagePotato.com & helped to develop it into a successful venture since its inception in 2014. His acute finance and analytical acumen helps in simplifying strategy & execution at PagePotato. Beyond work, he loves to cook, travel, volunteer and help other digital startups bloom into established brands.
Shantanu Biswas

 A Human would prefer to talk to another human instead of a company. Keeping a strong reputed Persona as the brand’s identity can certainly churn far more online leads today.

Personal branding definitely helps you to become the face of your brand, especially when you have just set-up your startup. While it makes all sense to market your brand online to get leads, you can always use yourself for lead generation instead. After all, people know you more than your brand. Personal branding is quite a buzzword today, but it takes time to build one. Thank God! We have easy to […]

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