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9 Must-Have Free Tools for Start-Ups

9 Must-Have Free Tools for Start-Ups

Piyuesh Modi
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Piyuesh Modi

Co-founder at Page Potato
Piyuesh works as Digital Marketing Manager and Director at He is also a visual communication coach and has been invited by corporate for workshops on Visual Communication and Techniques. When he is not working, he is involved in Learning Krav Maga, Poledance, Acroyoga and Salsa.
Piyuesh Modi
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In today’s era, where more and more youngsters are getting inclined towards start-ups, it becomes important for start-up owners to gain an edge over others of their kind. Scanty resources and limited funds only make the situation even more competitive. However, a smart business mind always figures out a way. He lets online tools come to his succor so that he is able to achieve a lot more by spending a lot lesser as compared to his competitors. This blog highlights how you can use certain tools to up your stance in the market.

Why should Start-Ups use Tools?

Any entrepreneur would […]

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