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5 Ways How Millennials Are Different From The Gen-X

5 Ways How Millennials Are Different From The Gen-X

Krushna Mishra

Associate Editor at PagePotato.com
Krushna Mishra is an Associate Editor at Page Potato. Her passion for life shows naturally in her articles on lifestyle, health, social causes, traveling, relationships and digital marketing. An engineer by compulsion, but a writer by choice she writes to help other enthusiasts succeed in their content marketing goals. In the rare times, when she is not writing or traveling, one can find her cracking and laughing to the silliest of jokes.
Krushna Mishra

Who are the Millennials, you may ask?

They are the people born between the late 1980s and early 2000s. We are all somewhere between 17 to 37 right now. One could safely assume, millennial characteristics vary depending on region, socio and economic conditions. Irrespective of all these factors, all millennials can be characterized based on their fluent use of media, communications and digital technology.

Change is a part of Evolution. But we Millennials are the first generation that saw too many changes in too little time, we are evolving faster. We have grown up in an era of rapid change. We are […]


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