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Ultimate Guide To Twitter Marketing For Startups

Ultimate Guide To Twitter Marketing For Startups

Piyuesh Modi
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Piyuesh Modi

Co-founder at Page Potato
Piyuesh works as Digital Marketing Expert and director at He is also a social entrepreneur at and active volunteer at He takes coaching sessions on Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Visual thinking and Jugaad Innovation. In his free time, he likes practicing Salsa, Acroyoga, PoleDancing, Sketch note taking and Painting. All his doodles and sketches can be found@
Piyuesh Modi
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What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is a popular tool for posting crisp and concise updates, thoughts or comments, also known as “micro-blogs”. Each post on twitter is confined to 140 characters which makes it highly compatible and easy to use on mobile phones.It is also regarded as a hybrid of a chat room and instant messaging since it is an open platform where a restricted lot of people connect with you.



With active users in excess of 316 million, Twitter acts as a great platform for marketers. Its popularity among the youth makes it an even more attractive tool. Also, setting up […]

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