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Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing for Startups in 2019

Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing for Startups in 2019

Arkya Dey

Content Marketing Manager at Page Potato
Arkya executes and strategizes content marketing campaigns at PagePotato. An MBA by education and a designer by heart, he loves analyzing social media trends and likes to read/write on human behavior & managing workspaces. Apart from this, he makes Infographics and Explainer videos on his favorite subjects. He hits the gym daily & in his spare time, he helps upcoming movie makers with script writing.
Arkya Dey

What is Google+ Marketing?



You may wonder if signing up on another social media platform will be worth it. However, when it comes to marketing, Goggle+ is not just another platform. It could be essential to your business, even though you may not realize that now. Google+ Marketing involves using the website to enhance business growth. This can be done in varied ways such as improving google search ranking, building relationships with customers or mapping potential customers. Traditional methods may not bear the same fruit as more conventional methods like online marketing, especially in today’s world of technology.

Hence, social media platforms […]


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