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How To Refurbish Your Old Blogs To Get More Traffic?

How To Refurbish Your Old Blogs To Get More Traffic?

Shantanu Biswas

Co-founder & Growth Hacker at PagePotato.com
Being an entrepreneur by passion, Shantanu has co-founded PagePotato.com & helped to develop it into a successful venture since its inception in 2014. His acute finance and analytical acumen helps in simplifying strategy & execution at PagePotato. Beyond work, he loves to cook, travel, volunteer and help other digital startups bloom into established brands.
Shantanu Biswas

Creating new and unique content for your niche is a mandate to get more traffic to your blog. But at times, blog owners get so much involved in this process, that they miss the opportunity to get more traffic trickling through their old blogs. This is one of the fundamentals of the Content Strategy today – Writing Evergreen Content.

Alas, the evergreen trees also do shed their old leaves but not all in one go. This makes the overall tree green in all the seasons while the life-cycle of leaves continues throughout the time. Your blog too needs to adapt with […]

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