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The A2K of Content Marketing For Start-Ups

The A2K of Content Marketing For Start-Ups

Piyuesh Modi
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Piyuesh Modi

Co-founder at Page Potato
Piyuesh works as Digital Marketing Expert and director at He is also a social entrepreneur at and active volunteer at He takes coaching sessions on Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Visual thinking and Jugaad Innovation. In his free time, he likes practicing Salsa, Acroyoga, PoleDancing, Sketch note taking and Painting. All his doodles and sketches can be found@
Piyuesh Modi
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Google Analytics can be used for content marketing in umpteen ways. Be it traffic estimation, tracking navigation summary or traffic generation, all of it and much more can be achieved with the use of analytics. Once you are able to successfully track this data and understand its significance, you will be able to extract useful insights to identify opportunities and threats through detailed analysis. You can also find data related to conversions with the use of Google Analytics.




Blogs are defined by some as the center or base of content marketing. Blogs are a form of social media and have a […]

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