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8 Steps to Create a Content Calendar for Marketing Automation

8 Steps to Create a Content Calendar for Marketing Automation

Swaraj Das Mohanty

Digital Marketing Manager at Page Potato
Swaraj Das Mohanty is a graduate in Journalism,Psychology and English. He is pursuinga career as a Digital Marketing professional since 2016.Swaraj has a keen understanding of SEO/SMO/SMM domain.When not working Swaraj is a Biker,Amateur Cook,Radio Addict and Coffee Lover.
Swaraj Das Mohanty

If you are wondering what a content calendar is, it is a simple calendar that has details of the content that your business must ideally create within a given duration of time. Easy to create, these content calendars are extremely hard to stick to. However, they make an incredible tool for organizing your content marketing strategy. Having an organized approach to producing quality content helps you save a great deal of time and energy. It also helps in enhancing the engagement levels of your readers by ensuring that you stay regular with your posts and that your posts do not […]

How To Do Content Writing For Startups?

Krushna Mishra

Associate Editor at PagePotato.com
Krushna Mishra is an Associate Editor at Page Potato. Her passion for life shows naturally in her articles on lifestyle, health, social causes, traveling, relationships and digital marketing. An engineer by compulsion, but a writer by choice she writes to help other enthusiasts succeed in their content marketing goals. In the rare times, when she is not writing or traveling, one can find her cracking and laughing to the silliest of jokes.
Krushna Mishra

Content Writing may appear to be a little confusing to beginners at first, however, once you get a hang of it, it becomes extremely easy.

So give it a try while we make things easier for you by giving you the following tips

10. Be Original

It is best that you stay original when you’re writing content for your Startup. That way, your content remains unique and you are able to express in the best possible manner. Stay true to your style and the audience will come running after. Make sure that your content adds value to the life of its readers and […]


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