Influencer Speaks

#InfluencerSpeaks is a Series of LIVE INTERVIEWS on FACEBOOK capturing the highs & lows of famous Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs. We pay tribute to each and every Solopreneur, who has fought against all odds to bring about a Change in the world today.

Come join us LIVE on FACEBOOK, ask your questions and get inspired by these exceptional individuals, who have been through your same struggles and came out successful.


9 AUGUST 2018 

Influencer Speaks#8 with Bhagat Singh  (Food Influencer)


19 JULY 2018 

Influencer Speaks#7 with Faviola Dadis



Influencer Speaks#7 with Faviola Dadis

Influencer Speaks #7 with Faviola Dadis

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5 JULY 2018 

Influencer Speaks#6 with Maya The Drag Queen

Influencer-Speaks_Maya drag queen artist


Influencer Speaks#6 with Maya The Drag Queen

Influencer Speaks#4 : Interview with Alex Mathew (Maya the Drag Queen)

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28 JUNE 2018 

Influencer Speaks#5 with K. Madhavan (Mattress Man of India)


Interview got CANCELLED 

But we still managed to meet him personally 


21 JUNE 2018 

Influencer Speaks#4 with Nidhi Mohan Kamal



Influencer Speaks#4 with Nidhi Mohal Kamal

Influencer Speaks#4 : Interview with Nidhi Mohan Kamal

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7 JUNE 2018 

Influencer Speaks#3 with Atamjeet Singh Bawa

Influencer-Speaks_Atamjeet Sigh Bawa


Influencer Speaks#3 with Atamjeet Singh Bawa

Influencer Speaks#3 - India's papermodel guru Atamjeet Singh Bawa

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25 MAY 2018 

Influencer Speaks#2 with Ritika Mehra



Influencer Speaks#2 with Ritika Mehra

'Influencer Speaks' with Ritika MehraRitika Mehra is the founder of Bridging the gap Foundation and Make it happen events, a TedX speaker and representated Indian diaspora during the the visit of Dutch King and Queen in Amstelveen. She has been at the forefront of conducting cultural events for Indian expats living in Netherlands. Apart from this she is also the youth ambassador of NICCT which helps Entrepreneurs in establishing cross border (The Netherlands and India) business opportunities. In this interview she shares what motivates her to do all this and some crucial skills of Event Management

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18 MAY 2018 

Influencer Speaks#1 with Kalyan Karmakar

Influencer Speakers Kalyan Karmakar light


Influencer Speaks#1 with Kalyan Karmakar

#InfluencerSpeaks : Interview with Kalyan Karmakar on Influencer Marketing

Facebook Live with Kalyan Karmakar- Influencer MarketingGuest: Kalyan KarmakarKalyan Karmakar, though originally from Kolkata, is now a true-blue Bombaite! He blogs at Finely Chopped and is a columnist for NDTV Food, Times of India Blogs, and The Indian Express. He is a part of the jury for the Living Foodz Epicurean Awards.His passion for food started way back when he was still in the school. And with years, his love for food has only grown. A travelling job fuelled his passion for food and compelled him to become a part-time food blogger. Kalyan Karmakar started sharing his food journey through his blog, where he showcased his favourite food haunts in Mumbai for food lovers across the world. He then began writing as a food and travel columnist for leading publications in both mass and social media. After juggling with a full-time job and part-time blogging, finally, in 2013 he let his passion rule and turned into a full-time food blogger. In 2016, he won the ‘Best Food Blogger’ category award in the FBAI awards for the second time and was dubbed ‘Power Blogger of the Year’ by Godrej Protekt, and has been acknowledged as one of India’s leading food bloggers in various national and international forums. Recently he penned his debut book called The Travelling Belly, a travelogue capturing his journey over the years. Indeed, passion combined with dedication is all that you need to succeed!Interviewer: Piyuesh ModiCo-founder PagePotato

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