How To Do Content Writing For Startups?

Content Writing

Content Writing may appear to be a little confusing to beginners at first, however, once you get a hang of it, it becomes extremely easy.

So give it a try while we make things easier for you by giving you the following tips

10. Be Original

It is best that you stay original when you’re writing content for your Startup. That way, your content remains unique and you are able to express in the best possible manner. Stay true to your style and the audience will come running after. Make sure that your content adds value to the life of its readers and you should be good to go.

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9. Headlines are most important

What attracts your customers to go through your content is the headline. It is the face of your content and presents potential readers with a brief idea as to what they must expect out of the writing. 80% of people read headlines, however, only 20% of people end up reading the content that the article contains. This proves their significance in the realm of writing. Make sure that your headline coaxes people to move beyond it and read your article.


8. Produce actionable content

Your content must urge and enable its readers to act upon it. It should empower the reader with information that can be applied in real life. It could provide its readers with a manual or any other useful information that guides them on how to go about something. Include tips and shortcuts in your write-up for the audience to remember and use.

7. Provide answers with your Writing

The very purpose of Google or any other search engine is to be able to provide its users with answers to their questions. Users type in their query and Google prompts them with myriad answers using links to content, videos and pictures. Your content must be able to provide the reader with an answer to their questions. Only then will it be useful for them.

6. Be precise and accurate

When you are writing an article that is to be put up on your company’s official blog, it is extremely important that you verify the statistics mentioned in it. The blog will be accessible to millions of readers. While it is one of the best ways to notify the audience of any changes in your business, it also has the power to tarnish your brand image in case it states any false facts. Hence, it is important for you to be extra cautious while presenting information to the world.

5. Customer engagement is the key

While getting followers is a relatively easy task, maintaining a loyal viewership of content proves to be extremely difficult. Your content must not only be catchy and entertaining, it must also be able to successfully engage the audience. Your article must have the potential to keep its readers waiting in anticipation as they read on till the very end. Also, the first few sentences of your blog are often the key determinants of readership statistics. Put in extra efforts in phrasing the first paragraph, it determines how many actually continue to read on.

4. Use images and videos

The attention span of readers is very less. In order to keep them glued to your content, it is your responsibility to add images and videos that interest them. Visual aids help in regaining the reader’s attention and also provide insightful facts about the topic in discussion. The use of images and videos also makes your blog more attractive visually and could result in an increase in the number of followers.


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3. Be concise

With so much content on the internet, people do not wish to go through long paragraphs to find solutions to their problems or gain a new piece of information. Thus, it is in your best interest to keep your content short and simple so that it is easy for readers to comprehend. Maintain a word count while writing your blogs. Highlight the main points you wish to put forward rather than being too descriptive.

2. Be regular with Content Writing

While there is no secret mantra to the number of posts you must make in a day, it is recommended that you post about 4 articles a week. That would not only prevent your blog from running dry but will also help maintain a loyal readership. Also, search engines only favour sites that are updated regularly. Remember that starting a blog is a commitment. Do not start with it if you think you will not be able to keep pace with it.


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1. Thank your followers

In today’s world, when everyone is busy in the hustle-bustle of their own tinsel towns, your readers take out time to go through your work. Appreciate that and let them know that they matter. After all, you’ve got to be loyal to them too.

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