5 Steps to Finding your Competitors Top Content on Facebook

The digital world is getting fierce and so is your competitors top content and social media competitive analysis tools are used by the day. New businesses are coming up each passing day and trying their luck at reaching the right customer group. There are multiple businesses that all target their marketing efforts at the same target group.

Keeping an Eye on the Competitors Top Content

So the next logical question is, how do some competitors top content attract more customers than others in their niche? The answer is, by keeping a thorough eye on what their competitor is up to. Every business today is doing its research about their market and their business. Only the smart ones are following what their successful competitors are doing. And they are using their expertise to do things better.


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To or not to follow your competitor’s footsteps?

You might think of this as unethical, but it truly isn’t. You are being smart by using someone else’s acquired knowledge to grow your base but you are doing it your way. Growing an audience base from scratch can be time taking and require a lot of effort. The next sensible thing to do is replicate someone who has already has the upper hand. This can be a blessing when you are trying to gain the same followers as your competitor.

All businesses depend on content of some format or the other for their content marketing strategy. Their content is what spreads knowledge about them and also help them to connect with their audience. Only when the content is strategized, it reaches the right people and drives them further in the businesses sales funnel. This same content is marketed on multiple social media platforms and the businesses website. The reason behind this is, the huge volume of audience that is already there in those platforms.

Why businesses can’t afford to make mistakes on Facebook?

Nearly 2 out of every 3 adults in the U.S uses Facebook. Facebook has a wide customer base and no business can afford to lose out on that number. This is the same reason; it can be an extremely crowded marketplace too. One cannot afford to experiment with a fussy and busy audience today. As a business, you want to try out tactics that have worked in the past for others. You cannot leave any scope for error or misunderstanding. However, using posts that brought results and engagements in the past can do wonders for your business.

Here are the steps to finding your competitors top content on Facebook:


Go to your businesses Facebook page. And then click on facebook insights tool, on your left top corner.


Screenshot 1


Now you see this screen.


Screenshot 2


In the overview tab, keep scrolling down as shown by the arrow and scroll down to “Pages to watch”. This would look something like this.

Screenshot 3



Now you click on “Add Pages”. Add the Facebook targeting pages of the competitor whose posts you want to keep a check on. Example, if incase I am a fun page for students, I would type the same keywords for suggestions. It automatically suggests you pages you can take inspiration from. I can now select the pages I would like to watch in my niche, based on the number of likes they have. All I have to do is click on “Watch Page”.


Screenshot 4


If I already know the competitors page, all I have to do is, type the name like this. In my case, I was looking for Social Beat’s page.


Screenshot 5


Now that we have selected a couple of pages we would want to keep a watch on, our screen looks like this.


Screenshot 6


You can see the total number of posts they have made in the last week, their engagement and the percentage of growth they have had since the last week.

These insights go a long way in telling how many posts in a week is a good number for growth.


What if you want know which posts are doing well in a page? There’s an answer to that as well. This will help you strategize your weekly posts accordingly. You will have to click on the competitor’s website like this.


Screenshot 7


You will be able to see their best performing posts of the page in a decreasing order popularity.

This highlighted number goes down as you scroll down.


Screenshot 8


Now that you know how to check the best performing posts in your market, it’s easier to make more sales. You can take inspiration from your competitor’s page and add your own element and make it more creative and fulfilling for your customer. This is how, you make a mark for yourself in a fast yet fussy marketplace.

Krushna Mishra

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Krushna Mishra