Content Marketing Sketch Notes by Piyuesh Modi

Doodles and Sketch notes are new forms of content which are not only appealing but also helpful for the readers as it not only gives a visual appeal to the write-up but also helps in memory retention of the subject. 

Here are some of my Sketch notes on Content Marketing.

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Traffic – Lead – Customer: Full Digital Marketing Cycle



Understanding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR-General-Data-Protection-Regulation-sketch-note-by-piyuesh-modiUnderstanding Influencer Marketing



Digital PR by Content Marketing 


Digital-PR-and-Content-Marketing-hand-made-Sketch-Note doodle by piyuesh modi 

Various Email outreach campaigns 

Inspiration by Neil Patel Blog :




Difference Between Outbound And Inbound Marketing



Digital Marketing Doodle 




Digital Marketing And Sex


Digital Marketing Doodle


Content Marketing And One Night Stand



Content Marketing Is All About Relevance




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