In Focus – WordPress and Data Privacy (GDPR)

In Focus – WordPress and Data Privacy (GDPR)

Data privacy and protection is one of the key aspects which all business need to demonstrate on a continuous basis. There are a wide number of complex privacy laws worldwide, and even stricter penalties if those directives are not complied to. Some common privacy regulations are the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Canada’s Privacy Law, the U.S. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and Australia’s Privacy Laws. However, the next big suite of regulations in this field is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is the European […]

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9 Steps for Enhanced WordPress Security

9 Steps for Enhanced WordPress Security

WordPress websites serve as prime hacker targets. In addition to the platform core, the hackers exploit vulnerabilities like backdoors, malware etc in the various plugins available for website protection. While the key measures to WordPress Security are known and illustrated here , listed below are some additional security checks to be incorporated at the file / directory code levels.

Deny automatic execution of all PHP files

All WordPress websites require new content to be uploaded, and hence the upload directory ‘wp-content/uploads’ usually has Write privileges. This leads to significant risk since malicious PHP files can be entered via this route. While the […]

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5 WordPress Security Best Practices To Watch Out For In 2018

WordPress being the most popular web publishing platform with 59% market share, their websites are constantly under attack. Yet sadly, they lack notoriously when it comes to security. More than fifty thousand WordPress websites are getting hacked everyday. As a website owner, be a blogger or a developer, it is your prime concern to secure your WordPress website. You may contemplate as to why should a hacker would be interested in your website. Well, not all hackers are interested in your data or the site content. Let us find out what’s in it for them, how the websites are […]

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How Content Writing Is Similar to Script Writing

Amateur writers often confuse between Script writing and content writing as both forms have a lot in common. The basic format for both bears significant similarity and includes the following elements


Content in any form must be attractive to readers. If you want people to read till the very end of your masterpiece, it is your responsibility to add content that keeps them glued to it. The paragraphs must narrate a kind of a tale with coherent paragraphs and a story that transits from one phase to another effortlessly.

Idea Development

Now, for anything to be transformed into a script, you must have […]

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Believe It or Not! Twitter Does Make You A Better Writer

Twitter is not only an excellent tool for marketers; it also helps in making you a better writer.

Here’s hows

10. Twitter helps you write to-the-point

For those of you who have active Twitter accounts, you would know that Twitter does not permit you to exceed 140 characters while publishing posts. So, your content has got to be as crisp and to-the-point as possible. Take note that 140 characters do not mean 140 words or 140 letters. It is all that you have to incorporate words, symbols, spaces, punctuation marks and numbers on Twitter. Thus, you must know precisely what you want to […]

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How To Do Content Writing For Startups?

Content Writing may appear to be a little confusing to beginners at first, however, once you get a hang of it, it becomes extremely easy.

So give it a try while we make things easier for you by giving you the following tips

10. Be Original

It is best that you stay original when you’re writing content for your Startup. That way, your content remains unique and you are able to express in the best possible manner. Stay true to your style and the audience will come running after. Make sure that your content adds value to the life of its readers and […]

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Most Important Online Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups


A smart entrepreneur is one who works with smart online tools

People tend to think that an out-of-the-box product and super Internet connectivity are enough to launch an online business. Whether you are an established entrepreneur or owner of a start-up, you will always need help. Access to important online tools can help you achieve your targets faster. Most of these online tools discussed below are either low-priced or free of cost.

This blog is based on the workshop I took at Seats2Meet, Den Bosch (Netherlands). You can also check the video to get more clarity. 

So, here are all the […]

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