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5 Steps to Finding your Competitors Top Content on Facebook

5 Steps to Finding your Competitors Top Content on Facebook

The digital world is getting fierce and social media competitive analysis tools are used by the day. New businesses are coming up each passing day and trying their luck at reaching the right customer group. There are multiple businesses that all target their marketing efforts at the same target group.

So the next logical question is, how do some businesses attract more customers than others in their niche? The answer is, by keeping a thorough eye on what their competitor is up to. Every business today is doing its research about their market and their business. Only the smart ones are […]

5 Ways How Millennials Are Different From The Gen-X

5 Ways How Millennials Are Different From The Gen-X

Who are the Millennials, you may ask?

They are the people born between the late 1980s and early 2000s. We are all somewhere between 17 to 37 right now. One could safely assume, millennial characteristics vary depending on region, socio and economic conditions. Irrespective of all these factors, all millennials can be characterized based on their fluent use of media, communications and digital technology.

Change is a part of Evolution. But we Millennials are the first generation that saw too many changes in too little time, we are evolving faster. We have grown up in an era of rapid change. We are […]

How Content Writing Is Similar to Script Writing

Amateur writers often confuse between Script writing and content writing as both forms have a lot in common. The basic format for both bears significant similarity and includes the following elements


Content in any form must be attractive to readers. If you want people to read till the very end of your masterpiece, it is your responsibility to add content that keeps them glued to it. The paragraphs must narrate a kind of a tale with coherent paragraphs and a story that transits from one phase to another effortlessly.

Idea Development

Now, for anything to be transformed into a script, you must have […]

10 Unforgettable Ways to Write Narrative Blogs

10 Unforgettable Ways to Write Narrative Blogs

Are you running your venture single-handed and getting frequent calls from your clients asking for the same information you have painfully put of on your own website? Do they prefer talking to you instead, even after you have shared the FAQ, case study or a specific page with them?

If YES, then congrats for waking up to this fact –

“On the average Web page users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely” – Nielsen Norman

So, we need to make the most of the 20% of attention to convince the visitor […]

How Brands Can Bloom Busting the Age-old Taboos?

How Brands Can Bloom Busting the Age-old Taboos?

6 pack Band” was a one of a kind music video digital campaign by the much loved Indian tea brand Red Label. This non-conventional campaign was recognized by Grand Prix and the 63rd International Festival Of Creativity at Cannes. The video was about the struggles transgenders face in the country, yet smile their way through it. HUL saw the advantage of collaborating their product with this type of content.

The songs were all launched in music channels, YouTube, Television and radio. Mobile operators had started to offer these catchy songs as caller tunes. The band was invited to perform at major […]

InfluencerSpeaks#6 Interview with Alex Mathew the Drag Queen

InfluencerSpeaks#6 Interview with Alex Mathew the Drag Queen

Interview with the Drag Queen

Alex Mathew is a PR & Marketing Executive by the day and a fierce Drag Queen by the day. This queer charmer stands strong grounds for his fights for the LGBT community. Alex has done talk shows with Ted Talks and at many other prominent forums. He has a talk show called “Chaya with Maya”, where he alter ego Mayamma discusses the struggles of LGBT individuals of the country. What makes Mayamma stand out in the exciting Drag scenario is, she performs Indian Drag mostly. She does parodies of popular songs that also have messages to inspire.

Influencer […]

Yes! You Too Can Have an Envious Travel Blog on Instagram!

Yes! You Too Can Have an Envious Travel Blog on Instagram!

Ever wondered how travel bloggers like Jack Morris or Paula Pant maintain a lifestyle, as exotic as theirs. You aren’t the first one though who wants a lifestyle like them. Envying lifestyles that pay you to travel to exotic locations, happens for obvious reasons. Doesn’t it? We Millennials are stuck by wanderlust like no other generation of the past. Did you know Jack Morris dropped out of school at the age of 17 and worked as a carpet Cleaner? Today, he doesn’t post for anything less than $3000. Recently a phone company paid him $35,000 for just 5 Instagram photos […]

How To Do Content Writing For Startups?

Content Writing may appear to be a little confusing to beginners at first, however, once you get a hang of it, it becomes extremely easy.

So give it a try while we make things easier for you by giving you the following tips

10. Be Original

It is best that you stay original when you’re writing content for your Startup. That way, your content remains unique and you are able to express in the best possible manner. Stay true to your style and the audience will come running after. Make sure that your content adds value to the life of its readers and […]