The A2K of Content Marketing For Start-Ups in 2019

A2K Content Marketing


Google Analytics can be used for content marketing in umpteen ways. Be it traffic estimation, tracking navigation summary or traffic generation, all of it and much more can be achieved with the use of analytics. Once you are able to successfully track this data and understand its significance, you will be able to extract useful insights to identify opportunities and threats through detailed analysis. You can also find data related to conversions with the use of Google Analytics.




Blogs are defined by some as the center or base of content marketing. Blogs are a form of social media and have a greater reach than most other forms of content marketing, especially in today’s world of technology. They could be used for search optimization with the use of keywords. In fact, blogs are also being extensively used by small as well as large firms to convert potential leads into sales. Such is the power of effective blogging!

Conversion Rate

The most priced business proposition of content marketing is conversion rate. When done appropriately, content marketing converts prospects in the funnel to buyers. Conversions are essentially identified as prospects who travel the distance to become customers due to useful or attractive content your brand offered to them.  The metrics involved in determining the conversion rate are cost per lead, percentage of leads sourced and percentage of conversions.


Conversion rates



Don’ts of Content Marketing

The biggest “Don’t” of Content Marketing is Plagiarism. It is important that you make sure to not use any content or images that have been copyrighted by another writer. It is recommended that you use widely available plagiarism check tools to ensure the same. Your content will appear to be more attractive if it is original, catchy and cohesive. Hence, be creative and use your own style to make a mark. However, if you must use someone else’s intellectual property, make sure you give the author due credits in your write up.

Everlasting Content

A timeless issue when broken down into bite sized steps grabs the attention of readers like never before. Provide genuine value to your readers, thus making your content evergreen. Solve a problem and deliver a real solution for them to remember. Shocking stats, how-to guides, best or worse practices for goals, best free tools etc. all form a part of evergreen content. The key is to keep it simple but keep it useful.

Facebook Marketing Tactics

Facebook often proves to be an excellent medium for Content Marketing. Coca Cola hosted a contest named #CokeGames using Facebook during the Sochi Olympics. It urged its customers to invent games using Coke bottle caps or bottles and upload videos of the same. The winners were to be rewarded with a gift card valuing $100. The contest gained tremendous popularity and garnered amazing response from all across the globe. Any small business could adopt this idea to increase its reach and penetration in the target market.


Coca Cola Marketing Tactics


Google Trends

Google happens to be the sole answer to every question on planet earth. No wonder it is searched for topics ranging from sun and moon to science and math every single day. With billions of searches each year, Google trends becomes a powerful tool to harness data into useful information. It can help in driving SEO optimization and content creation. The choices and preferences of your target market can also be understood better using the same. Google Trends gives an insight into all that’s trending, so check it out!


The most important part of any write up is its headline. It is the headline that determines whether or not a link is worth opening. Hence, give it all that you’ve got. Stats reveal that headlines with 8 words fare better than average by 21%. Also, using a punctuation mark adds 9% to the CTR. List posts are known to attracts larger audiences, even better if the list is odd-numbered. A headline ending with a question mark or exclamation mark is more effective as compared to others. Read through many more do’s and don’ts of creating headlines for that perfect opening to engage your readers.


All said and done, the effectiveness of content is measured in the form of likes, views shares and comments. Pictures increase the attention span of readers and engage them in the write up for a longer duration of time. It is important that you learn infographic promotion as 65% of people comprise of visual learners.


Marketing elements infographic


Journal Stories

Stories are a great form of content. They could be used for content marketing in an extremely effective manner. Stories have the potential to let the audience relate. Stories touch lives and their impact can be everlasting. Hence, many companies take to storytelling when it comes to marketing using content.


What makes your content easily accessible is the use of keywords that represent the voice of your target audience. Keywords help you stand out when faced with stiff competition. With millions of people taking to search topics online, these keywords play a crucial role in enhancing the reach of your content for a deeper penetration into the market.


B2C Content Usage Tactic


Extra Tip: 

Lead Generation

Lead generation through content marketing is the newest and coolest thing on the block. Apart from native advertising, blogging has emerged to be the primary avenue for B2C as well as B2B marketers for generating leads across several social media marketing channels. Recently shared statistics by WebDAM show that blogging results in B2C marketers generating 88% more leads.