9 Free Online Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner should be using

We as a marketing agency love to review the growth and customer adoption of new marketing platforms with the help of our online marketing tools. For small businesses it can be a bit expensive to spend a fortune on different online marketing tools. This is the reason we’ve personally tested a few free small business marketing tools that are very useful for implementing an effective digital marketing strategy.

Below are 9 free (or inexpensive) online marketing tools we believe would benefit every small business.

1. Answer the Public

Answer the Public  has a very inviting UI, where you can search for any topic, questions related to a particular keyword, and apply further filtration by language.

Once you enter a keyword, this online marketing tool performs a semantic search, fetches keyword suggestions or questions related to the keyword and recreates them in the form of a big wheel. Each of the key question words includes the who, what, why, where, when and how. Answer the public is the most used among other online marketing tools while doing email outreach and here are some email templates that you can use for the same.

By further scrolling down, you will see another question wheel which displays questions related to your search using prepositions, comparisons and more.



Speculation around keywords can prove to be costly. Your marketing plan must include a foolproof strategy to improve the ranking of your organic keywords. Keyword research is not important just in SEO, it also heavily influences paid marketing strategies like PPC, influencer marketing.

SEMrush gives you an insight on the strategies that are already working for your competitors. It is an excellent tool for finding keywords that your competitors are paying for. It also points out the high authority content platforms from where they are getting relevant traction.

How does it work?

Just by entering your competitor’s domain, you can find an overview of their organic visibility, the kind of results they are getting from SEO, paid traffic and backlinks.


The Keyword Analytics option will show you both the keywords that your competitors are ranking for as well as the ones they are paying for. In short, these are the ones which are driving sales; you can immediately start spending your time, money and resources on them.

Every step you take at targeting these keywords is a sure-shot way to chip away your competitors’ traffic.

competetor traffic sem rush

Again, SEMrush can help you out with is link building strategy, one of the most important factors that affect your Google ranking. The Backlink Analysis option will give you a list of referring links and domains, along with scores for domain relevance and trust.

3.Screaming Frog

 Screaming Frog  is a crawler that gives you a comprehensive overview of every URL on your website. It comes in the form of a desktop application that you can download. The free version allows you to crawl 500 URLs. With the default configuration, you can check for broken links, redirects, HTTP errors and sitemap errors.

What it let you find and how it works?

Find broken links

Go the menu link and tap on the response code, click on client error and you will have the list of broken links associated with that URL.

Create an XML sitemap and check the error associated with it

Optimize the page title

From the menu you can choose the page title button, by this you can keep a check on the length of the title make sure that they are not too long, more than that you recheck the title and appropriation of it in terms with the page content. Screaming Frog is also used for finding pages that are missing metadata, and finding duplicate content at a URL level

4. Siteliner  – Eliminate the possibility of duplicate content

 Duplicate content is harmful to your search engine rankings. It is possible that your blog post or some other content have been spread across many different categories, which result in separate indexing of the same post, however, it is also important to squeeze the most SEO juice out of these pages.

Siteliner is an extremely effective tool when it comes to managing content duplication issues, it scans your website for internal duplicate content, providing you with a detailed report which enables you to take the appropriate action on the issue.

How does it work?

By clicking on the Duplicate content from the summary menu, you will get a table view of all the area of your site that has duplicate content. You can check the URL, the Title, match words ( see how many words are duplicated ), the match percentage.



By clicking on the URL, you can get a quick preview of the page, you will see some highlighted text in some color there and check the associated content which forms the duplication.


Siteliner does more than just finding duplicate content, it helps you trace XML sitemap and inconsistent links.

5. Portent’s Title Generator – Create a clickable headline

Creating irresistible headlines for your content is the best way to make sure that you are driving enough traffic to your content. Portent tool  is an easy intuitive tool to use, it helps you come out of that creative rut and provide you with fresh new title ideas that your browser are most likely to click on.

How does it work?

The landing page of Portent allows you to insert keywords that would fetch a selection of appropriate subject lines that are helpful, catchy and at times downright humorous. Like below, you can see that I have added the keyword “online shopping” and it has come with an interesting subject line “The Hunger Games Guide to Online Shopping”. If you are not happy with the result, you can click on refresh button as many time until you hit a title that sounds relevant to you.



6. Google Keyword Planner –  Have accurate data on keyword search

Nevertheless Google keyword planner  is the most popular platform when it comes to keyword research, however, many marketers have often underutilized its significant feature “Search Volume calculator” which help you estimate the volume and value of a large set of keywords.

The search volume that you see in Google Keyword Planner is a rounded annual average, which means they re-calculate it every month. Lately, marketer where little apprehensive about the result of the keyword volume, however, you can get the exact result from the keyword planner by following this step.

Once you get a list of top suggested keywords

First, find a keyword in the list of suggestions that you want to target:

Add to Plan, then click on Ad Groups, the impressions that you are looking at is the accurate search volume.


7. Facebook Audience Insights –

Facebook audience  insights give an immense measure of statistic and behavioral information about your gathering of people and that of your rivals. Facebook Audience Insights is offered by Facebook inside its ad platform. Before using this tool you should know where your niche is and who your competitors are.

How does it work?

To start with the platform you first need to choose your audience, you can then insert the interest column and you will get an audience insight window which populates the data regarding the monthly active audience who share similar interest.

Facebook Insights Sceenshot

By further digging the data you can segregate the data by demographic and analyze the behavior by age. You can also see the other pages these audiences have like and further filter the data by adding  “Additional entries” in the interest section.


8. SocialPilot – Get your social media strategies right

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and marketing tool. It let you connect with 200 social profile from a single account and help you share a post on multiple social media platform at once.

How does it work?

You can create a group from the SocialPilot dashboard and select an action for multiple accounts at once. You can schedule and share text, images, links and even automate feeds.


9. Followerwonk – Track followers, Influencers and engage them

Followerwonk is a convenient social examination application. Followerwonk is especially helpful for customers that are searching for influencers/bloggers with a high Twitter followership.

The other benefit of this tool is it helps you with content discovery

How does it work?

The ‘Search Bios’- Feature :

This feature allows you to take Twitter users in more detail


The outcomes that were come back indicate the influencer who use the term “Content Marketing” in their bios. This enables you to approach the influencer with the view to work together on this subject.

The ‘Analyze Users’- Feature

This component is exceptionally valuable for contender bench marking. You can, for instance, compare one brand with another and afterward dissect their follower-ship and in addition, possibly approach the clients that connect with the contending brand in the space.

If we have missed any of the free online marketing tools that have worked for, please feel free to put it on the comment section and we would love to review it and add it on the list.