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6 Ways to Efficient Influencer Marketing

6 Ways to Efficient Influencer Marketing

Piyuesh Modi
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Piyuesh Modi

Co-founder at Page Potato
Piyuesh works as Digital Marketing Expert and director at He is also a social entrepreneur at and active volunteer at He takes coaching sessions on Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Visual thinking and Jugaad Innovation. In his free time, he likes practicing Salsa, Acroyoga, PoleDancing, Sketch note taking and Painting. All his doodles and sketches can be found@
Piyuesh Modi
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Influencer Marketing has been garnering attention from corporate houses all across the globe. As reported by eMarketer, in 2017, about 50% of marketers increased the allocated budget for Influencer Marketing. If you are on the lookout for implementing this trending form of marketing to enhance business profitability but are clueless about where to begin from, worry not. Oh by the way, if you are not sure what is influencer marketing and why it is the new buzzword right now, have a look at his handmade sketch note.


This blog helps you identify the 6 critical things to keep in mind while working […]

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