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Piyuesh works as Digital Marketing Expert and director at PagePotato.com. He is also a social entrepreneur at LearnAnythingFree.com and active volunteer at oneworld-citizens.org. He takes coaching sessions on Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Visual thinking and Jugaad Innovation. In his free time, he likes practicing Salsa, Acroyoga, PoleDancing, Sketch note taking and Painting. All his doodles and sketches can be found@ https://medium.com/@piyueshmodi

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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Marketing For Startups

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Marketing For Startups

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a social networking website that serves as a hub for people to connect with employees, colleagues, clients, potential customers and strategic partners. It is widely used by people across the globe to seek job employment and is, therefore, home to several recruiters.



It is an extremely impactful marketing tool with a great presence among more than 450 million professionals. LinkedIn is about connecting people and adding value to their lives. The popularity of its content is increasing at a rapid pace.


Source: Linkedin.com


LinkedIn Marketing is being used for several purposes catering to increase brand awareness, finding leads and […]

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing for Startups

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing for Startups

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is a popular tool for posting crisp and concise updates, thoughts or comments, also known as “micro-blogs”. Each post on twitter is confined to 140 characters which makes it highly compatible and easy to use on mobile phones.It is also regarded as a hybrid of a chat room and instant messaging since it is an open platform where a restricted lot of people connect with you.



With active users in excess of 316 million, Twitter acts as a great platform for marketers. Its popularity among the youth makes it an even more attractive tool. Also, setting up […]

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing for Startups

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing for Startups

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site. More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month to connect with their friends and family and discover new things. Since Facebook has such a large user user-base, marketers use it extensively to promote brand awareness among masses. You can be confident that a majority of your target market is using Facebook on a daily basis. Therefore, Facebook gives you easy access to the target market. Information related to products and services that your company has to offer travels to millions of potential customers with just a […]

The A2K of Content Marketing For Start-Ups

The A2K of Content Marketing For Start-Ups


Google Analytics can be used for content marketing in umpteen ways. Be it traffic estimation, tracking navigation summary or traffic generation, all of it and much more can be achieved with the use of analytics. Once you are able to successfully track this data and understand its significance, you will be able to extract useful insights to identify opportunities and threats through detailed analysis. You can also find data related to conversions with the use of Google Analytics.




Blogs are defined by some as the center or base of content marketing. Blogs are a form of social media and have a […]

9 Must-Have Free Tools for Start-Ups

9 Must-Have Free Tools for Start-Ups

In today’s era, where more and more youngsters are getting inclined towards start-ups, it becomes important for start-up owners to gain an edge over others of their kind. Scanty resources and limited funds only make the situation even more competitive. However, a smart business mind always figures out a way. He lets online tools come to his succor so that he is able to achieve a lot more by spending a lot lesser as compared to his competitors. This blog highlights how you can use certain tools to up your stance in the market.

Why should Start-Ups use Tools?

Any entrepreneur would […]

Content Marketing Doodles and Sketch Notes by Piyuesh Modi

Content Marketing Doodles and Sketch Notes by Piyuesh Modi

Doodles and Sketch notes are new forms of content which are not only appealing but also helpful for the readers as it not only gives a visual appeal to the write-up but also helps in memory retention of the subject. 

Here are some of my Doodles and Sketch notes on Content Marketing. Enjoy

Difference Between Outbound And Inbound Marketing


Digital Marketing Doodle 



Digital Marketing And Sex



Content Marketing And One Night Stand



Content Marketing Is All About Relevance



Believe It or Not! Twitter Does Make You A Better Writer

Twitter is not only an excellent tool for marketers; it also helps in making you a better writer.

Here’s hows

10. Twitter helps you write to-the-point

For those of you who have active Twitter accounts, you would know that Twitter does not permit you to exceed 140 characters while publishing posts. So, your content has got to be as crisp and to-the-point as possible. Take note that 140 characters do not mean 140 words or 140 letters. It is all that you have to incorporate words, symbols, spaces, punctuation marks and numbers on Twitter. Thus, you must know precisely what you want to […]

How To Do Content Writing For Startups?

Content Writing may appear to be a little confusing to beginners at first, however, once you get a hang of it, it becomes extremely easy.

So give it a try while we make things easier for you by giving you the following tips

10. Be Original

It is best that you stay original when you’re writing content for your Startup. That way, your content remains unique and you are able to express in the best possible manner. Stay true to your style and the audience will come running after. Make sure that your content adds value to the life of its readers and […]

Most Important Online Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups


A smart entrepreneur is one who works with smart online tools

People tend to think that an out-of-the-box product and super Internet connectivity are enough to launch an online business. Whether you are an established entrepreneur or owner of a start-up, you will always need help. Access to important online tools can help you achieve your targets faster. Most of these online tools discussed below are either low-priced or free of cost.

This blog is based on the workshop I took at Seats2Meet, Den Bosch (Netherlands). You can also check the video to get more clarity. 

So, here are all the […]